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Sexsonica's sex music is the world's most specialized musical project dedicated to the production of erotic music with arousing sounds and cadences which have been proven to stimulate and provide an ambience perfect for the most pleasurable sexual affairs.

Sexsonica's erotic music has been heard by people all over the world, in six different continents and in more than 45 different countries!

How Erotic Music Can Arouse Your Sex Life

Sexsonica's plethora of sex music will carry you and your partner to a new sexual level filled with pleasure and enjoyment and will help fan the flames of intimacy and extreme fulfillment.

Having sex music playing during your most exciting moments is the perfect way to feel stimulated. It increases your sex drive, enhances your sexual appetite, and arouses your sexual instinct through erotic and seductive beats and sounds. Your sex life will become an art by stimulating yourself with the most erotic and sexy music in the world.

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The Best Sex Music Ever

Sexsonica's first experimental album! Contains 13 songs including:
Sexual Devotion- rhythms and voices that lead you to prohibited fantasies
Orgasmic Ocean- relaxing sounds of nature and delightful orgasms
Pelvic Rubbings- a naughty and provoking song (has been broadcasted on a national television show).

Over 40 minutes of erotic music with exotic rhythms and suggestive melodies. Contains 10 songs including:
Exotic- a fusion of electronica/ethnic that can transport you to a seductive culture
Dreaming- one of Sexsonica's hits, totally alluring and enticing
Lounge- asymmetrical rhythms and multiple voices of extreme pleasure.

Songs that cover many aspects and sensations in sex with sophisticated rhythms that transport you to a new world. Contains 9 songs including:
Hypnotic Movement- native instruments from the Middle East, ideal for exotic sex
City of Nocturnal Ecstacy- flashy electronic abstractions- create your own nightclub
Sexual Fashion Shop- for classy and sophisticated sex that brings out that naughty girl.

Everything that Sexualsong 2 has to offer, excluding the moans and groans for those who prefer something a little more sublime.

All of the excellent songs from Sexualsong 3 AND a bonus track, excludes all of the moans and groans for those who prefer something a bit more mellow.

 The perfect album to begin with, for those who haven't heard Sexsonica's music.This is a stupendous collection of the top 15 songs from the 3 first Sexsonica albums made into one album.

Sexsonica's most recent album! EP contains 5 songs including:
Tribal- a sexual cry to our wild, and sexual internal instincts
Epic Contact- an erotic journey full of epic emotions
Sex in the Elevator- sounds of pleasure in dark and prohibited places.

Includes all of the exciting songs from Sexualsong 4 EP but without the moans and groans for those of you who would prefer something a little less explicit. Some people prefer songs with a slow rhythm while others like music that has a faster, frenetic beat. This also depends on the type of sex that we want to have; romantic, sensual, lustful, wild, etc.

Sexualsong Slow and Sexualsong Frenetic have been created for you to use in diverse situations depending on your mood, desires, or the ambience you wish to portray. The songs in these albums have been specially selected from Sexualsong, Sexualsong 2, Sexualsong 3 and Sexualsong 4 - EP to help create the certain type of atmosphere that you desire.

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Don't waste your time any longer on trying to search through every song or album that you have, taking the time to pick out songs that are apparently sexy; Sexsonica is the one and only musical project which produces music exclusively made for sex.

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The complete collection includes: Sexualsong, Sexualsong 2, Sexualsong 2 Instrumental, Sexualsong 3, Sexualsong 3 Instrumental, Sexualsong 4 and Sexualsong 4 Instrumental.

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