Sexual music warms the body and stimulates the senses. Sexualsong is the very best sexual, erotic, sex music that can be found.

Interview with the Creator of Sexsonica: Jaime Portal Luchini

Megan (Interviewer) - We are in the studio with the creator of Sexsonica, Jaime Portal Luchini. Hello Jaime... we would like to talk a little about Sexualsong and how it first started off. Can you tell us how Sexsonica first began?

Learning, a song from Sexualsong 2

The smooth melodies, combined with oriental aromas, cause the song "Learning" to draw us in, giving a calming sensation and leading us to an erotic world of fantasies.

MySpace: Sexualsong

Sexualsong would like to announce its new, modern MySpace design. .  Take a look at our new amazing layout and join our online community through MySpace where you can even download a few free songs. More news to come....keep an eye on our upcoming posts.

Top 5: Nude Beaches from Around the World


Nudity and public are two words that usually strike curiosity and also add a sense of danger naked in public, or have had nightmares about walking down the street undressed and unable to clothe themselves.