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Sexsonica... Dangerous Instinct

One of the best songs from Sexualsong 3 remixed with an erotic poem:

Sexualsong Orgy

Sexualsong Orgy is a stupendous collection of the top 15 songs from the 3 latest Sexsonica albums made into one album, and during this special season we would like to offer a sensational promotion. This sexy and erotic music by Sexsonica is now being offered to you for only $9.95 (normal price:$19.95) .

A little more about Sexualsong 3

If you want to know more about Sexualsong 3, perhaps you would be interested in reading an article composed by Anastasia.

She also made an exquisite and erotic passage which was created based on the titles of the songs:

Sexualsong 3, new sexual songs

The latest album of Sexsonica has been released. You can listen to Sexualsong 3 here and soon we will be adding some songs on myspace where you can download a song for free. This production has been made to focus on sensations and emotions in the most pleasant moments.